Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services

At Barrett & Thomas, P.C., we assist attorneys and their clients in the dissolution of marriages, the quantifying of economic losses, and the analysis of finances in situations where fraud is suspected in Tyler and throughout East Texas. Our experience spans a wide variety of industries and our services are utilized in both civil and criminal matters. As a CPA/ABV/CFF (Accredited in Business Valuation), Michael Thomas has testified as an expert witness in both state and federal courts.

Services provided include:

  • Expert witness testimony at deposition and trial
  • Business valuation
  • Separate property tracing
  • Reimbursement and economic contribution claims
  • Damage calculations
  • Lost value and lost profits calculations
  • Quantification of fraud losses
  • Records examination and reconstruction
  • Insurance claims analysis
  • Search for unreported income and assets
  • Analysis of accountants' work papers and programs
  • Review and rebuttal of the opinion of opposing experts

Litigation Support and Damage Analysis Services

Through our litigation support and damage analysis services, we help attorneys and their clients in Tyler and the greater East Texas area identify assets and income streams in matrimonial matters, as well as quantify economic losses in damage suits. Our experience spans a wide variety of industries, and we have served as experts in both civil and criminal matters.

Services include:

  • Marital dissolution support
    • Separate property tracing
    • Reimbursement and economic contribution claims
    • Unreported income determination
    • Business valuations
    • Valuation of personal and professional goodwill
    • Structuring of settlements
    • Tax planning and strategizing
    • Assistance in discovery
    • Mediated settlements
    • Collaborative settlements
  • Damage measurement
    • Determination of lost profits and damages
    • Determination of contractual damages
    • Personal injury/loss of income determinations
    • Business interruption damages
    • Fraud and embezzlement losses
    • Insurance claims analysis and quantification
    • Determination of losses due to professional liability
  • Stockholder Suits and Partnership Dissolutions
    • Determination of true income
    • Valuation of goodwill
    • Assisting in matters involving shareholder or partner oppression
  • White-Collar Crime, Fraud and Embezzlement
    • Employee and executive embezzlement investigation and quantification
    • Examination of fraud in corporate agreements
    • Examination of supplier and customer fraud
    • Investigation of financial statement fraud
  • Estate and Trust Matters
    • Determination of estate assets and liabilities
    • Estate and gift tax valuations
    • Estate and trust accountings
  • Trial services
    • Expert testimony and written reports
    • Analysis and critique of opposing expert reports
    • Assistance with discovery issues
    • Financial exhibits and other visual aids
    • Settlement and mediation conferences

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